LADYJERKS is a short about the female band collective from Denmark, Copenhagen,  called "Lady Jerks Collective". 


The film is related to the film Silence Song, as members of the  Lady Jerks Collective are performing in Silence Song, as although there are nearly in every episode songs of the Lady Jerks Collective members from their solo musician carriers.


Ladyjerks collective is a danish female band collective based in Copenhagen.

 The collective was founded at the RMC in Copenhagen for build up a musical open space for female musicians to experiment with their skills getting started from new, most unknown points, playing experimental with for the members unknown instruments and their voices. It has an open structure where other musicians and artist may join in various performances.


The short film documentary focus on the members Tania K. Ballentine, Gertrud Kongshjelm, Bess Barkholt Andersen, Ida Duelund Hansen and Maja Westman.